Chasing Pillows

cde1e5e56636adf94959abb44d1203dacbc8d13d-thumbWilliam Cooper is a student of everything that interests him. Although everything interesting doesn’t always interest him (we think it may be the hormones). He likes warm toast when he has been sick and intends to expand his novel Chasing Pillows with a “somewhat sequel” that explores the protagonist’s universe and may mention the protagonist himself once or twice. When he makes mistakes he almost always tries to spin them into an intended action and does this sometimes with success.

Have you ever lost yourself in another world—so much that you almost begin to forget the real one? Then you may see yourself in the writings of Opaulde. If not, the contents of this novel may simply confuse you and perhaps even appall you. Otherwise, if you are not repelled by the bizarre and chaotic, submerge yourself in Opaude’s world and see if you can answer the question, “Who is Opaulde?”

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