Whose Customer Is it, Anyway? 3 Ways to Balance Individual and Organizational Roles

Very interesting, in larger professional services firms managing the balance between personal ownership and the firms ownership is often challenging. Without a significant personal relationship customers or clients may not get the attention that they deserve on the other hand if they are too dependant on a single relationship they often don’t get access to other professionals skills. This is a good article to help with some internal conversations, internal conversations that must always focus back on the customers.

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Customer service team restuarantHave you ever had employees in your organization argue over customers?

I was recently working with a client in Toronto where one of the company’s salespeople was emphatic that a certain customer “belonged” to him, not to the organization.

The organization, on the other hand, tried to get the employee to see that while he did serve this particular customer, others in the organization did, too—not only other departments within the company (finance, project managers, shipping, etc) but also other salespeople in other geographic areas .

The bottom line is that a customer can “belong” to both the employee and the organization.  Let me give you a perfect example of this.  While staying at a hotel, I ordered room service for dinner. Upon entering my room and throughout the seven minutes he spent verifying my order and having me sign my bill, the hotel employee made small talk with me…

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Partner - Crowe Horwath (Aust) Pty Ltd, a part of Findex. Vice President - Alzheimer's Australia (Tas) Inc. Richard has over 20 years experience in Business Advisory, Taxation & Accounting at Crowe Horwath in Hobart. His primary goal is to help his clients, family, friends, and team members reach their maximum potential. Accounting and financial services is about providing people with meaningful knowledge and insight that helps them make good decisions. Some professionals forget that it is the person receiving the advice that needs to understand the issues at hand. Richard is a business partner to his clients and focuses on providing relevant, reliable and timely advice in a language they can understand. Richard believes in delivering outcomes, outcomes that must be defined by clients, and as a result he is not focused on charging time unlike most other accountants and advisors. For the first time, through its parent company Findex, clients of Crowe Horwath will gain access to their own office of financial and business advisory specialists for their personal and business affairs. Their adviser will act as a single point of contact and provide access an expanded suite of services under the one umbrella. These range from tax, wealth management, risk consulting, lending, insurance, self-managed superannuation, audit and assurance, management consulting to business advisory and more.

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