Finding the path to post-desktop email that works

This is spot on – my habits as an individual as opposed to a business person are different as discussed.


Mobile email is taking over. Of emails that are opened, 51 percent are opened on mobile devices, observes Litmus. This is an all-time high. At the same time, webmail opens have dropped by more than a third in the last year, to just 18 percent of opens. Customers want to interact with email at their convenience … wherever they happen to be.

A second change is also at play. While consumers are communicating via text, instant messaging, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more to accomplish tasks once reserved for email – driving the overall consumer email sent down 4 percent — current predictions have business-oriented emails growing more than 13 percent in the coming years.

Why the discontinuity? Those who predict a wholesale shift away from email to some form of instant messaging miss that these technologies are not the same – especially for the business user. Both are valuable…

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Partner - Crowe Horwath (Aust) Pty Ltd, a part of Findex. Vice President - Alzheimer's Australia (Tas) Inc. Richard has over 20 years experience in Business Advisory, Taxation & Accounting at Crowe Horwath in Hobart. His primary goal is to help his clients, family, friends, and team members reach their maximum potential. Accounting and financial services is about providing people with meaningful knowledge and insight that helps them make good decisions. Some professionals forget that it is the person receiving the advice that needs to understand the issues at hand. Richard is a business partner to his clients and focuses on providing relevant, reliable and timely advice in a language they can understand. Richard believes in delivering outcomes, outcomes that must be defined by clients, and as a result he is not focused on charging time unlike most other accountants and advisors. For the first time, through its parent company Findex, clients of Crowe Horwath will gain access to their own office of financial and business advisory specialists for their personal and business affairs. Their adviser will act as a single point of contact and provide access an expanded suite of services under the one umbrella. These range from tax, wealth management, risk consulting, lending, insurance, self-managed superannuation, audit and assurance, management consulting to business advisory and more.

2 thoughts on “Finding the path to post-desktop email that works

  1. I’ve read many posts about the death of desktop email, and this proposes an valid point. However I don’t see Mobile eliminating desktop email usage in anyway, but rather see mobile as a great sidekick to the desktop. Also yes it is true that many people today are enjoying the freedom of working away from “the office”, but when we talk desktop email, that also means laptops. Desktop email clients are very popular for many workers on the go. I’ve observed that many entrepreneurs that work remotely or who travel a lot actually prefer an email client for managing email, info overload and productivity. That is what is so great about native apps for email, there is a lot more control and productivity that can easily be integrated. You also have offline access – very essential for those on the go where a connection is limited. On the road to productivity, that is one of the main issues we see with email on web and mobile, there’s a lot more room for distraction with different web tabs open, toggling back and forth, lack of focus and poorly executed design for the user experience. Something so important when you look at how one interacts with the #1 online activity still today – email. The trend is growing with shorter snippets of “chatting” applications, which are great for that purpose. But when you really want to sit and get something done, you aren’t going to be on your mobile device or chat app…you are still much more likely to be on a desktop computer or laptop. Also cloud service apps are a possibility for integration with desktop email clients as well, further broadening the possibilities for email and a true productivity tool. A quantitative study on email interaction by YesMail reveals that even though 49% of email opens occur on a mobile device of some sort, interaction rates on mobile devices actually fell behind desktop rates by a significant margin. I think this is very important to note.

  2. All good points, I know I mostly open/read/review emails on the go – with iPhone or iPad. When I can’t respond with a simple answers or a quick yes or no I then mark the email as “unread” until I get back to my desktop. On my desktop – with two large monitors, I find it more practical to respond with more details advice which may include doing some research.

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